My Passion

The Lord put on my heart to take a break for a while on IG. It was great! He opened my eyes to things I was too obsessed with and reminded me what is important. Years ago I asked God what my passion was. When something is your passion it’s something you can’t live without. I clearly heard Him say “Natural Health” and I was always into fitness but have become more passionate about it lately too. I wanted to combine my two passions of natural health and fitness so that’s where “green & fit mama” came from😃 I started this page a while back just to share the things I’m passionate about not knowing where it would go. I really want individuals to learn how to look at foods, understand that their bodies are made to self heal when given the proper nutrients, and are rid of toxins and step outside the “norm” by knowing what’s in every product you use. These normal things are what’s making people more and more sick. The Big Pharma Medical Industry has brainwashed people to think that drugs are the answer to all their health problems when the foods, plants, herbs the God created for us has been used as medicine for years. I’m not perfect, never will be, but the things you see me share, the foods, supplements, oils, natural remedies and workouts are all me. I post stuff I really eat and have used! So many people have messaged me asking me questions or thanking me for all the info I share and I’m so grateful and stoked when I hear that! Change doesn’t happen overnight. One small change at a time is all you need. I have so much more to share, I hope you’ll stick around! If I can just touch one person with every post I make then I have done my job🌿💚🍃💪🏼 God has big plans for me and He does for you too! Share your passion! #naturalhealth #fitness #plantmedicine #herbs #oils #eatrealfoods #foodismedicine #loveyourbody #neverstoppraying #Godfirst11148754_1636329033321113_7509942545340457758_n


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