RAW Bars ready to make!

6 years ago I made the decision to start a gluten free diet. I chose this diet for health reasons, at the time my younger son was one and my hormones were totally out of whack from giving birth, nursing and not having a great diet. Grains in the diet can affect everyone differently. Gluten particular has been the cause of many many digestive issues, mineral imbalances, gut problems and more. Those who have celiac disease are allergic to gluten and some people are so sensitive that one tiny piece of gluten will affect them.  At that time I loved breads and cereals etc so this was going to be a great change. But along with change came something even greater and that was learning. I researched and read and educated myself on healthy options that could replace gluten. Gluten is the protein found in wheat, oats, barley and rye. The reason why gluten is scrutinized in such a bad way is because it is very hard for the body to digest, along with that, majority of the wheat crops now in the US are genetically modified. So, digestive issues combined with chemicals in your food is a double whammy you do not want to get hit with.  I LOVE granola bars or energy bars. With gluten being out of the picture I began scouring the internet for gluten free energy bar recipes. I came across one that used cashews and tried it out, I loved it but wanted more of a variety of nuts, seeds and other gluten free superfoods in them. I slowly concocted my own recipe then later more recipes for the perfect yummy healthy gluten free raw energy bar. I have sold so many of these raw bars to family and friends and was able to also share and sell them at a Fitness Expo last year in Hawaii. The only thing is that because they are made with coconut oil, they need to stay refrigerated or frozen, making it hard and expensive to ship. I tinkered with this idea last year, and the Lord brought it upon my heart again to maybe make my Raw Bars available, but in a pre made package. All you would have to do is mix all the ingredients together. Everything you need to make my raw bar would be pre packaged and ready for you to make in 1/2 dozen or 1 dozen quantities. This way I will be able to ship them anywhere in the world! I’ve had to turn may people down because they did not live here on O’ahu. Felt so bad having to do that, but they needed to stay cold.  Here are my top three flavors, I have make probably close to 15 different flavors all 99% raw and full of various nuts, seeds and super foods! My three most popular are Coffee Lovers, Matcha Green Tea and Cacao Crunch. Any feedback would be great on if you think you may be interested in the idea of having all the ingredients to mix on your own. Those of you who have purchased bars from me, would this be good for you to have on hand? Any input is welcome! As of now this idea is still in the contemplating process! Have a great day! xo, Jodibarchoccoffeematchagreentea


2 thoughts on “RAW Bars ready to make!

  1. I bought some of your raw bars when you were at the farmers market at Pearlridge, I think it was 3 March, or maybe the 10th. I really enjoyed them and wanted to know more so I found this blog. So did the idea of selling the mix never come to be? I would like to get some more bars, but I’m not sure where to find you. Haven’t seen you at Pearlridge. If you ever decide to share the recipe, I would be glad to have it.


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