Oregano: Nature’s Antibiotic

OREGANO ๐ŸŒฟ The one herb I always recommend whether it’s just a cold, cough, the flu, viral or bacterial is oregano. This herb is a powerhouse and like garlic is one of natures antibiotics. For myself I’ll take oregano oil capsules like this one you see here or I’ll use oregano essential oil on my feet or mixed with a carrier oil (coconut almond or jojoba) on my abdomen. For my kids I will break open a capsule and rub it on their feet. This one is mixed with olive oil so it won‘t burn. Or I’ll use oregano EO mixed with a carrier oil because it’s really strong and can burn. I will only put this on the kids feet, nowhere else. Use precaution, everyone handles various oils differently from others and children have sensitive skin. True story- a while back my husband got bit by a huge red ant we have alot of around our house and it got infected. He ended up finding out he had staph infection so the dr prescribed antibiotics. I told him to take oregano oil instead and guess what, he never even picked up the meds! Yup it killed Staphylococcus bacteria. Crazy good right?!! I absolutely love when I can personally witness the power of plant medicine. Best thing is NO side effects and no good bacteria was killed off like antibiotics would have done in his gut! Total winner!16473185_10154997027952760_1834217129647002724_n.jpg


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