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RAW BAR KITS now for sale!

Hey everyone! If you haven’t t seen a few of my previous posts, I’m now selling my raw bars by kits for you to mix and freeze your own. Previously I was selling them made only locally for pick up but so many people asked me to ship but as pricey as it already is, it would be more to ship it with ice to stay frozen. SO after years of praying about it I finally decided to offer all ingredients and instructions necessary to make your own Green & Fit Mama raw bars! These are RAW.…there is no cooking or baking or even blending involved. All you need to have is a mixing bowl, spoon, muffin pan and freezer. I’m hoping that’s already a given 😂 Here’s a video clip of my ORIGINAL raw bar that I first created about hmmm..7 years ago! I was only going to start offering coffee and matcha but had to add in my original. This is nuts, seeds, cranberries and non gmo dairy free vegan chocolate chips. And yes I did take a bite after the video 😋😋😋 so if you’d like to order I have sale going on now. You can order -Coffee Lovers – Matcha green Tea or -G&FM Original from this link below. Your kit will make about 12-14 of these sized unflattened muffin bars (not bar sized) See link below to check order


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