Best Nightcap-Selenium


Let’s talk SELENIUM ..

Selenium is one of your body’s primary antioxidant enzymes and protects your cells from free radicals -supports a healthy thyroid (super critical for hormones, metabolism and digestion)
-binds to heavy metals and detoxes them from the body
-balances O2 levels -reduces swelling
-supports bones and joints -promotes health blood flow
I mainly take this to support my thyroid gland. If you already have thyroid issues you definitely should be taking selenium. This is the best brand I recommend for supplements as well as detoxes.

Also, best nightcap! Sleep like a baby with this stuff. Why? Because selenium is the #1 trace mineral that supports your thyroid and your thyroid gland controls everyday functions like appetite, temperature, weight loss or gain, energy and SLEEP 😴!! This is the brand I have been taking it’s  vegan, non gmo and organic and made from mustard seed extract so it’s a whole food source. This trace mineral even helps boost fertility, boost immunity, protect against cancer, protect your heart. I this brand and swear by this amazing company. Everyone should be taking selenium. See this link for more great info and to order!! Sooo many people develop thyroid problems, don’t wait. Support your thyroid with selenium.






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