Benefits of Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is not the same as the charcoal used in barbeques! Medicinal activated charcoal is a natural remedy used to trap chemicals and particles in the body to be flushed out. You should select activated charcoal that is made from coconut shells. This is mostly used for drug overdoses and poisoning and is SUPER effective in absorbing and flushing toxins from the body.

It works by trapping chemicals in your body by absorbing it. Activated charcoal has a negative electric charge that causes positive charged toxins to bond with it. Make sure you drink lots of extra water while taking activated charcoal to avoid constipation and quickly flushing toxins from your body. Toxic substances attach to the surface of the charcoal, the charcoal is not digested, but staying inside the digestive tract and is eliminated with the toxins when you have a bowel movement.

Besides being used as a first aid to remove poisoning and drug overdose from the body, activated charcoal has many other amazing benefits:

  1. Whitens Teeth:  I have been using it to brush my teeth for the past few months and its amazing! It leaves my teeth feeling clean and has whitened it more that using peroxide gels that only make your teeth sensitive and are filled with chemicals. I drink coffee so my teeth are stained from that, using this as my toothpaste has been great and I love it! To use just sprinkle some on your toothbrush and brush as normal, rinse well it stains clothes and sinks so make sure you wipe up right away.
  2. 2. Helps with gas and bloating: by binding to the gas producing elements of foods. Take   about 500 mg prior to a meal or at least 2 hours after a meal. Drink lots of water.
  3. Cleanses the body of mold: majority of people have mold in their bodies from the foods they  eat, the processed foods and sugars. Mold can cause so many problems in your body, activated charcoal can help flush that out.
  4. Acne and bites- for acne it reduces the amount of oil on your skin that is overproduced to cause plugged pores and then form acne. I use a little charcoal and mix it with my face wash. It will wash off fine. For bites, you can mix some of the AC with  coconut oil to make a paste and apply it on the bite. This will draw out poisons and toxins.
  5. Anti-Aging
  6. Digestive Cleanse


Activated charcoal is a great supplement to have on hand for any  poison or drug overdose emergency or general use. I love this brand of activated charcoal, it’s inexpensive but super effective. Add this to your natural medicine cabinet today! I hope you find this article helpful to you! Be well.index





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