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Some of you may know. But for those who don’t, I created and ran a hand stamped jewelry business named Dark Chocolate & Tulips, since 2010. After obtaining my Bachelors degree in Exercise Science, I was blessed to travel the world as a professional Polynesian Dancer then later Flight Attendant for Aloha Airlines I got married and had three younger children. I knew what it felt like to have to leave my oldest son while I was still flying. My goal was to raise my own children and not worry about having to take off to be there for their games, performances etc. I wanted to be my own boss💕💚 I love how powerful words are so I started this hand stamped business in 2010 and was able to make a living and also be there for my family. It was tough to balance but I’ve been so blessed. Within those past years I’ve stamped close to 10,000 pieces that’s been shipped all over the world, crazy! This past year I put my biz on hold to do other things, but since Mothers and a Fathers Day is approaching I’ve decided to start it up again. In the past I’ve worked with silver, gold, aluminum, brass, copper and pewter but have limited it to just mostly pewter and copper. I’ve always loved words that the power that inspirational words have on lives. I have done so many Bible verses, quotes and many many pieces with children’s names and birthdates on them. If you’d like to check them out heres my site. Please use code: greenandfitblog for an extra 10% off of your order!





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