Ok guys/girls are you ready to kick sugar to the curb? Just because this is a 7 day detox, it doesn’t mean to go back to your bad sweets habit on day 8! So here I want to share with you the overall PURPOSE of this detox which is more important than the actual detox itself.

WHY are you doing this? For those of you who messaged and commented on my IG account: @greenandfitmama you have taken that first step to saying “I care about my health and I am willing to do what it takes” So, congrats to you! I’m so stoked to join you in this journey that will last for life. I want to teach you this:

  1. read labels/ingredients and know what sneaky names are also sugars. there are many names for sugar so knowing what to look for will help you when choosing foods.
  2. look at the sugar content of foods. it can be healthy and organic but many products still contain way to much even “natural” sugars in them that can still lead to obesity and diabetes, even autoimmunity and candida.
  3. encourage you to understand what sugars are good (natural state) and bad (processed or totally fake)
  4. reset your body to not want or crave so much sugar. sugar is like a drug, it is 8 times more addictive than cocaine, that’s no joke.
  5. most importantly understand that sugar is really the culprit in many diseases. when you starve your body of sugar, your starve your body of disease (great thing). Yeast/candida/fungus/cancer all FEED off of sugar. They need sugar to survive. Don’t let these health stealers survive in your body, ever again.
  6. These are sugars that are absolutely a NO on this detox:corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, carob syrup, barley malt, dehydrated cane juice, caramel, mannitol, granulated sugar, agave, erythritol, equal, sorbitol, aspartame. So here’s how you do this, anything you buy or have at home look at the sugar content, if there is any then its out, simple as that. There are many food items especially protein bars that have zero sugar but substitute that with FAKE sugars like sorbitol, aspartame, splenda, erythritol and the like. Those are TOTALLY no because although you don’t actually see an amount of sugar, those processed and artificial sugars are even worse to consume.

    Personally, I never consume those and my natural sugar (honey, maple, coconut sugar) intake is pretty low normally. I am staying away from ALL added sugars and fake ones. So no maple, honey, coconut sugar or agave etc.  Your main goal is to stay away from fake sugars as I listed above, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, barley malt, cane sugar etc.

    The only sugars consumed will be from some fruit and starchy vegetables if any.

    What do I eat?

    grass fed meats, wild fish, lots of veggies, nuts, seeds, coconut oil, olive oil, gluten free oats, quinoa, sprouted or brown rice, eggs, chicken, other grass fed meats.

    See below for a list of other names of sugars along with some sample menus I found online. Make this a goal and learning process for you and your family. It will force you to look for snacks that are healthy (fruit, veggies, nuts, seeds) and make it a lifestyle.

    The only added sweetener I use is a vanilla stevia. You can try different flavors and a few drops really packs a punch!

    I’m glad we can do this together! Please message me on IG if you have any questions.

    Kick sugar to the curb!




  7. Downloadable-List-of-All-the-Names-for-Sugar-Coconuts-Kettlebells

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