Spoonk Mat Therapy.

Not “spook” but Spoonk, a type of acupressure mat that when you get used to, feels amazing!  Spoonk Space acupressure mat is the leading acupressure mat and is able to hit  6210 pressure points. I have had my Spook Space Mat for over 3 years now and love using it on my feet, back and neck. When you first try it the directions recommend using socks. It is pretty poky but after time you will get used to it. So what are the purpose and benefits of using an acupressure mat? It has helped so many people with back pain, neck and shoulder stiffness, sleeping issues, fatigue and general depression.

What It Does/How does it benefit me:

~It stimulates reflex points throughout the body

~releases blocked energy

~eases tense muscles

~creates deep relaxation

~increases blood flow

~reduces pain and inflammation

~increases energy

~improves sleep

~improves metabolism

See my favorite Spoonk Mat HERE and try it for yourself! Totally worth the purchase! It’s something you will have and use with many benefits for a long time!









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