21 Day Home & Body Detox Challenge.

Here is a little history for you on how I started Green & Fit Mama…
Green & Fit is not a name I just thought sounded cool or wanted to represent, it comes as the result of many years of learning through my own pain, frustrations, confusion,my clue-lessness about health and foods and becoming a mom…

I was always into sports and fitness. My dad was a powerlifter and powerlifting coach. I grew up with a front and back yard that was turned into a gym. I played sports since the age of 9 until college and was always into working out and lifting. With that being said, I was not brought up in a home that was aware or focused on health and the foods we ate. Our family ate the normal foods, not knowing what was truly in them or if they were healthy for us or not. It was never a question, it was just food and it was ok. We used regular household products like soaps, shampoos, facial cleansers, toothpastes, laundry soaps etc.. without knowing it could harm us. As a child I was given lots of antibiotics for constant ear infections, my parents did not know how harmful antibiotics were and how they would affect my gut and long term health. With every cavity I had silver mercury fillings which is “normal” to do and any dentist will tell you it’s ok. But overtime these filings caused me many years of chronic headaches. Many years of medication, birth control, and other issues that happened began to affect me. With all that being said, I was not a “sick” child, I was well, happy and didn’t have any major issues or pain ever. It wasn’t until later on that symptoms were manifested. When I was about to have my first child over 11 years ago, God clearly spoke to me and told me to be aware of what goes in his body and on his skin. I remember purchasing my first starter kit of organic body soaps and lotion for him. Becoming a mom, dealing with my own health issues and later typical my children’s ailments is what really let me on this journey of foods, natural health and wellness. Cancer is not an “old” disease. It does not happen by chance. There are things you can do and change in your life that will allow you to prevent disease naturally. There is always a reason for the pain and hardships we go through in life, first is to glorify God through the trial and trust Him along the way and the other is to help others. So I hope this will open your eyes to positive changes you can make for yourself and your loved ones.
I came up with a simple and easy to follow 21 day detox your home and body challenge. I have done research, revisions and put a lot of heart into this. Many of you are unaware or just clueless on many things I talk about because we are so used to following the “norm” of living. Learning and incorporating these simple changes will make a huge difference overall and even more so in your young children. I pray it will help you start your journey too! See the link in my bio or order and receive an instant PDF file to download immediately.

Detoxify your home and body in 21 days by making one simple healthy change per day.

21 {Twenty-one}
by making one simple change per day

Will YOU take the challenge?
Just think, you can change the lives and health of yourself and your family and help prevent and even rid disease
by ditching one toxic item and

replacing it with a healthy alternative just one day at a time.

Go for it! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Love & Green Juice 🙂

Jodi K. green & fit mama 💚

Let’s get started…

Thank You for investing in you and your family’s health. I promise you that by incorporating these changes in your lives, it will make a huge difference in your health and the way you take care of your family. Let’s get started…

Did you know that the most common exposure to chemical toxins are from the products you may be using everyday in your own home? The average home contains up to 1,000 chemicals, many which we can’t see, smell or taste? In minute doses they are ok, but when you are exposed to these toxins day in and day out, it will become a problem. Are you ready for a 21 day life and home changing challenge? All you need to do is make one simple change per day for the next 21 days by ditching the dangerous items and replacing with a healthier and safer one and you will be on your way to a greener and safer home and body. Here’s my personal list of the top 21 most important changes. Start with day ONE and don’t skip any days or do more than one day at a time. When you focus on your one change per day, you will not get overwhelmed. I also want you to learn as you go and understand why these changes should be made to protect you and your family! Print this out, place it on your refrigerator or where you will see it everyday. When you make that change, put a check on the line so you know that day is done! Are you ready? You can do this!! I challenge you! Ready. Set. Go!

Order your 21 Detox Challenge HERE1de2de



As soon as this is ordered and paid for you will be emailed a PDF file within the next 24 hours! Thank you for investing in your health!


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