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I hate to tell ya but everyone has some sort if parasite in their body. It’s gross but true. The foods we eat, water we drink and bacteria enter our bodies so easily and make it their home . Many illnesses are causes by parasites. Paratrex is a 6week parasite cleanse by Global Healing Center.  I have used a bunch of their products and have done their colon and liver cleanses. These products are amazing. Everyone needs to detox in a world full of toxins we can never totally stay away from them but we can prevent even stop disease by regularly detoxing.

Reasons why you need a parasite cleanse:

1. Harmful Organisms Negatively Affect Your Health

Imagine if you opened the doors and windows to your home and let the wildlife enter and live, unchecked. How long would it take before a state of disaster would be declared? The inside of your body is the same way, harmful organisms release waste and weaken your immune system.

2. Harmful Organisms Rob Your Body of Nutrition

Harmful organisms are just like any other living organism — they need nutrition to survive. When they’ve taken up residence in your body, that nutrition comes from you. Harmful organisms feed off your food and steal your nutrients.

3. Harmful Organism Infestation is Common

Contaminated food, water, air… nobody is immune to exposure from harmful organisms. In fact, you may be affected right now and not even know it. Indications can vary from none, to mild discomfort, to serious disease. If you experience abdominal discomfort, digestive issues or constipation, nausea, malaise, weakness, loose stools, or weight fluctuations it could be a big sign you’re being affected by harmful organisms. (Global Healing Center)

Check them out HERE:







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