Ringworm is a fungus but can change back and forth to other types of organisms. Causes of ringworms are:

1> Direct contact with another person or the fungus itself

2>Sharing a contaminamted object with someone else like a towel, clothing, hats or bedsheets.

3>It can be spread from other  body parts. For instance if you have a nail or toe fungus and touch that and spread it to other parts of your skin, it then takes the form of ringworm.

4>Going barefoot

5>Being in most areas like the pool, gyms and locker rooms

With that being said how can one get rid of ringworm naturally once and for all?

Here are some great products that will treat one from the inside out.  If you are treating yourself with a product its best to stay on that product for at least 7 weeks. The cycle of most fungus and parasites from the time they lay their eggs are 6 weeks so you can still have those eggs in your body although you don’t have any outward symptoms.

Here are some remedies I recommend to help:

MYCOZIL-effective in killing nail fungus and multiple types of disorders because it has a type of pepper in it from New Zealand that is effective in getting rid of all different types of fungus. This not only takes care of ringworm but candida as well.

PARATREX– this is harmful organism cleanse that will treat all types of parasites and fungus

OREGANO OIL– powerful antibiotic that is effective to kill off fungus and bacteria, I recommend this ALONG with Mycozil.


Hope this helps out!







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