Boing! Rebounding is Awesome!

“Boing!” Rebounding is such and easy and fun but super EFFECTIVE way to support your immune system. Rebounding is the only activity that strengthens, cleanses and tones every cell in the body (Natural News). It actually clears out toxins from your Lymphatic System and keeps it running smooth. There are 4 different kinds of bounces:

1. Health Bounce-feet don’t leave the mat and its beneficial to fully flush the lymphatic system.

2.Aerobic Bounce-bouncing while doing jogging, running or jumping jacks in place. This way burns more calories and joints are protected because impact is low.

3.Strength Bounce-jumping as high as you can, this is the most beneficial for strength gains because the cells are under the highest amount of gravitational pull

4.Sitting Bounce- strengthens the abs, back and legs.

(info from Natural News)

These mini tramps are inexpensive but such a great investment for a better health and my kids love it!




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