STRONG is Beautiful

{STRONG IS Beautiful}

I love this saying and I’ve been wanting to design a hat (eventually entire line) with this on it for a while. I have certain things that pop in my head and in this case I envisioned a red hibiscus 🌺 with this quote. I wasn’t sure why at first, but the more I look at it I see the flower represent many different aspects of a woman- delicate, bloomed, sometimes fragile but always strong. Whether it’s a strong mind or body or both, I want this to be meaningful to ALL women. I didn’t want this to only apply to women who workout, lift weights or have muscles. It’s not about that. You don’t have to have muscles or lift weights or do cross fit to be strong. You can be just a mom, someone who has overcome illness, a woman who has overcome abuse, a single mom, a girl who’s struggling to pay her bills, a woman who fights for our freedom, a teacher, a widow, someone who always puts others first etc. So women, no matter who you are you are made in Gods image and that already amazingly awesome. Stop looking at everyone else and their life and be all God created just YOU to be. Be strong because it is beautiful 🌺❤️

PURCHASE hat here.


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