DETOX: where do i start?

Where do I start?

Because I post a lot on detoxing you know how important that is to me. I’m a firm believer in detoxing and more importantly, full body detoxing at least once per year, even better would be twice. So, when people ask me about detox or come to me with specific ailments it all depends on their body, diet, past history etc. There is NO quick fix. Pharmaceutical drugs will never get to the root of disease it will only bandaid it but later cause problems in another area of your body. The root of most disease is inflammation in your body that can be caused by millions of issues. When you look at your past as a child you have to look at what you ate, were you vaccinated,what body products have been put on your skin, did you take antibiotics, what were you exposed to etc.. If you grew up eating organic, was never vaccinated, never had antibiotics etc.. that’s amazing and you are in a better position. BUT with that being said there is NO way to avoid all chemicals, ever. That’s the bottom line. Your body has the capability to detox harmful substances from your body on a daily basis, but when there is an overload of toxins that’s when disease starts to form. Your organs are compromised, mainly your gut and liver and when then cannot do their job that is when you get overly toxic and sick It takes YEARS sometimes for you to actually have symptoms of pain and inflammation. You may have had candida or leaky gut for years but never felt anything. So as the rule goes, when you feel symptoms of disease its usually then that that issue has been present in your body for years. So, starting to eat healthy for a few months will not fix something that has been there for years. It takes time and it takes consistency and listening to your body.

So with all that being said, along with changing your diet to remove all processed foods and sugars, known chemicals such as body care and makeup, cleaning products and laundry soaps etc. You can benefit from a detox. The one I have listed here is what I always recommend to start because it includes a full colon cleanse and also a liver cleanse. Why are people so afraid and hesitant to detox?? I have NO idea why? You should be more afraid and sick of feeling sick or tired than anything else. If you value heatlh and the way you want to feel you should have no problem doing this. I can confidently say these products are amazing and work. I have not only used them once or twice, but too many times to count. The longer you wait, the worse off you will be and feel. If you are on any type of medication, call the number on the website and talk to a rep. I cannot advise you stop but medical doctors for the most part will always tell you dont detox, WHY? because they are uneducated and clueless about herbs and foods as medicine, they think its quack. So its a choice you have to make and research on your own. Please check out  this Body Cleanse Starter Kit. I highly recommend this is the perfect way to start. Any questions, message me.

Also, if you go to my SHOP section on this site, you will find many awesome products I love and use.





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