Fluoride is a poison

No fluoride.
No artificial coloring.
No foaming agents.
Fluoride is a toxin. Millions brush their teeth with it everyday. Xylitol is a naturally occurring sugar that kills bacteria on your teeth. Trash your typical toothpastes and be safe from heavy metals. Kids especially absorb toxins so much faster and easier than adults do please have your children brush with non fluoride toothpaste. Also when going to the dentist opt out of the fluoride treatments and NEVER put Mercury amalgams in your mouth, they contain tons of mercury that leach every time you chew. Contrary to what your dentist may tell your about silver fillings, they are poison and harmful. Silver amalgam fillings contain up to 50% mercury, yes half!! Everytime you chew or eat foods that are especially hot, mercury vapors are released and absorbed into your bloodstream and organs causing toxicity and disease. So, opt out of silver fillings and fluoride.

I love this EARTH PASTE toothpaste made with all safe and effective ingredients for adults and children to use. It is available in different flavors, check them out HERE.

Be well, take care of your teeth, gums and say no to fluoride.




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