CARROT πŸ₯• & GINGER (juiced)
So. You know this cough and chest cold going around, yeah well it’s trying (note I said trying) to get to me😑 So, I went to Costco and got that huge bag of organic carrots and a big container of organic ginger and juiced them like crazy. Well, it looked like I juiced a million carrots πŸ₯• but I ended up with this small glass but it so powerful. I’m gonna drink another sip then save the rest for the remainder of the day. I also made some for my kids to drink when they get home, they’ll be SO excited πŸ˜œπŸ€—. I may have put a little too much ginger 😬 I can feel every bacteria or virus being killed off by the heat in my throat and chest! Wow! So FYI, when juicing ginger, go easy. A small piece packs a punch! Good stuff. No cold will hit me.ginger is anti bacterial, reduces inflammation and pain and carrots are full of vitamins and minerals mostly A & C.

I have a great JUICER by Breville. You can get it here.

Stay well and don’t let those colds get to ya!






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