Hormonal Balance with MACA.

Hormones are messengers in our bodies that tell us how we will feel, act and function. If our hormones are imbalanced, our bodies definitely tell us. On the other hand, if we have balanced hormones, our body is in harmony, it feels at peace but also energized, our organs function properly, digestion is great, skin is clear and we are happy! But, with the SAD (Standard American Diet) and over abundance of highly processed foods, genetically modified organisms, chemical loaded skin, body and hair care products, its so easy to become hormonally imbalanced. It especially affects women who have had children, are more mature and are still having a menstrual cycle. Men can be hormonal imbalanced also, so don’t count them out.

SYMPTOMS of HORMONE IMBALANCES (but not limited to):

-digestive issues


-joint pain

-acne/rashes/eczema/other skin issues

-hot flashes

-always cold

-low body temperature/high body temperature



-always hungry


-weight gain


Some factors that can affect hormones are: diet, gluten, sugars, negative thinking, toxicity, deficiency in certain nutrients, birth control, over the counter meds, antibiotics, pharma meds, chemicals in foods, herbicides, pesticides, leaky gut, candida…

There are hundreds of products on the market that can help with balancing hormones. The most important thing is to know what hormones are high and which ones are low. That can only be done by testing but sometimes tests aren’t always accurate. Many times its trial and error with a specific herb or vitamin and it takes time to see how your body reacts to it. Some herbs help some, and for others that certain herb may cause worse symptoms. EVERY body is different and just because one natural remedy works for one person it does not always mean it will work for you.

The one herb that I LOVE and have used for years is called MACA (lepidium meyenii) Maca is great because it is an ADAPTOGENIC herb meaning that it does not contain any plant hormones but its a plant that helps your body adapt to what it needs. Because of it’s many benefits it is considered a SUPERFOOD.

History of MACA:  it has been used medicinally for over 2,000 years. It originates from South America in the mountains of Peru. It is safe and has been used for years by people for many issues in men and women.

Maca is the one herb that does not contain any hormones but helps your body adapt to what its high or low in.


  1. PMS/INFERTILITY/MENOPAUSE/PCOS-it will help balance out estrogen levels in the body whether low or high.
  2. FERTILITY/SEXUAL HEALTH- it supports the adrenals and thyroid gland, helps increase fertility levels, nourishes the endocrine system
  3. ENERGY- increases energy, mood and function
  4. ANTIOXIDANTS- boost your antioxidant levels and increases immunity

I love this brand of MACA. I love the taste and how easy it is to consume. I use my on sprinkled on fruits, in smoothies and also in raw energy bars. It is totally worth the try if you need more energy or have any symptoms of hormonal imbalance!






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