Healthy Eats!

Non Toxic Lunches

I choose to make my kids lunch everyday. Although it is, yes, time consuming, it’s worth it because I choose for them not to eat the processed foods they serve as school. Day in and day out of that stuff will take a negative toll on their bodies. I wanted to share these amazing stainless steel lunch boxes that I bought years ago! I purchased the one on the left for my son Levi when he started Kindergarten (different carry case) and that was 6 years ago. I bought the one on the right 2 years after even Ezra started K so it’s now 4 years old. Now my daughter is using it. These lunch boxes are super easy. Adults use them too! Fill the compartments with food, they have small stainless containers you can buy to put wet items in and the magnets are interchangeable and fun for the kids. They also have a variety of cases and sizes. They will both use these until they are out of elementary. It’s worth it. Click the link below to check it out. BUT- I’m sure when you see the price you’ll think, “Wow so expensive!!” But here’s the deal- they last so long, look 👀 I had mine going on 7 years! Think of all the money you’ll spend on zip loc bags, tin foil, wax paper etc.. and not to mention the waste it creates. And if you use plastic containers, they are toxic, they leach chemicals into your kids food esp even it’s hot, they are harder to wash and lucky they last 6 mos.
These Planet Boxes are-
•non toxic-lead, BPA, PVC and phthalate free✳️
•eco friendly✳️
•easy to clean-hand wash or dishwasher✳️
•easy to pack✳️
•saves time✳️
•reduces waste✳️
•fun for the kids✳️
If you have a child/children in elementary school it’s totally worth investing in!
Check it out HERE
Go non toxic!

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