Attention all COFFEE ☕️LOVERS!! I just wanted to share this with you all because if you love organic coffee like I do, in my experience and opinion, it def makes a difference how your coffee is being brewed. Ok, I’m not a coffee connoisseur but just sharing what I love. Ok first off, coffee crop are highly sprayed with herbicides and pesticides 😷🤒😝. So, buy organic coffee beans or grounds and support companies that really take the time to plant, harvest and prepare coffee sustainability and healthy for us. Getting to the point➡️➡️➡️ I’ve tried coffee brewed in a regular coffee pot, Keurig, glass pour over, French press and cold brewed coffee. BUT my ABsolute favorite way I love coffee brewed hot is in my Clever Dripper. It’s small simple and totally inexpensive. I’ve had my Clever Dripper for over 4 years now given to me by @mailagibson (Yup same one Maila) and although she’s on her last leg, she still does the job💕 here’s what I love about it and you can get your own( see the link below)
1. Most importantly- coffee is so much LESS ACIDIC- really!!! Not joking it’s smooth and clean tasting, how coffee is supposed to taste. I drink my coffee black, so smooth and not acidic is vital!
2. You can control how dark and strong you want it. Since you add However much coffee grounds you want and let the hot water sit for the time you want you control how it will taste.
3.it’s small and portable- you can take this with you on trips so you don’t have to use the nasty coffee makers in the hotel rooms😜
4. It’s inexpensive.
Check out the link to see how to make coffee using this Clever Dripper




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