The PAIN of GAS.

My morning was slightly ROCKED by major pain! Ughh… I suffered major gas pain in my stomach this morning, the worst that I’ve ever experienced!! I gave birth to three children without any pain meds so I know what it feels like to experience a pain all over your body, but knowing it won’t last too much longer and the outcome makes it easier. BUT, early this morning my stomach felt gassy. For those who don’t know, the anatomy of your stomach is located up right under your chest (see picture above) Typically when you see people touch their tummy they touch the lower part of their abdomen, but that is actually your intestines not your stomach.

So I got up and as normal had some ACV and water, took digestive enzymes and probiotics and felt fine. I sat to have my first cup of organic coffee and one of my matcha green tea raw bars and my stomach got more and more sore. I new it was gas. Normally if I do feel that, it will go away soon and on its own. This time it kept getting worse and worse. It got so bad and I was in so much pain I started sweating and felt like I had to throw up, although I couldn’t, I wanted to. Anything to ease the pain would help. I took a shot of lemon water and water with ACV both known to help alkalize the stomach but nothing seemed to work. I also used lavender and peppermint essential oils. I love using peppermint oil, but in some situations it may seem to exacerbate the problem because of the menthol and minty feel it leaves on your skin, so in that case I wont use it again. Nonetheless, it did not help. I went online to see what other things I could do to help alleviate gas. As I read through a list, ACTIVATED CHARCOAL popped up! “YES!” I thought, why did I not think of that. In agony I got up, grabbed my activated charcoal  put a some in a spoon and mixed it directly in water. I wanted the absorption to be fast acting so I did not put it in a capsule. There’s actually no taste at all so it was easy to drink. Activated Charcoal is made from coconuts and is not the same charcoal you BBQ with!! So I drank the charcoal, got a heating pad, laid on the couch an started to do reflexology on the bottom of my feet. Within minutes I could hear and  feel the gas bubbles in my stomach  pop and the pain slowly subsided.

I want to share with with you because first of all, just because I eat healthy, workout and share so much health info with your, does not exclude me from ever going through ailments. My hormones affect me a lot and majority of it is caused by my past. Lots of antibiotics, terrible diet full of processed foods, unhealthy over the counter meds, sugars and being on birth control pills took a toll on my body when I was younger causing first of all candida (yeast caused by an imbalance of good/bad bacteria). When you take just one round of antibiotics, it kills MORE good bacteria the bad and that’s why I’m so against any antibiotics UNLESS its life or death and nothing is working. The candida causes leaky gut and leaky gut leads to many many disorders like hormonal imbalances, gallbladder issues and digestive issues which is what I go through. If your leaky gut is never healed it can then turn autoimmune which means your body starts to attack itself and will choose specific organs to attach, most popular being the thyroid gland and then joints which is what arthritis is.


Activated charcoal is used for gas and bloated an detoxing the body but is mostly know for and useful for poison in the body. If you ever have alcohol poison or any other type of poison, activated charcoal has been used and documented to be VERY effective. It is an amazing and powerful superfood source to have on hand at home or in your purse/bag at all times. Kids can take it because there’s no tasted and its safe and effective. FOOD is medicine. I could have easily taken a GAS-X pill from the store and it may have helped, but stuff like that is full of chemicals and will have other side effects. I just want you to know that some remedies like this CHARCOAL may be fast acting (thank you Lord because I was in pain) and others like herbs need to be taken over time in order for you to feel and see results. It’s all about knowing your body and being patient with healing. When you look at your past, your diet, medications taken, alcohol use, drug use, stress levels, whether you exercised etc.. you will know why you feel the way your feel today and know how to properly treat it. So as I share this I want you to know how powerful and effective natural safe remedies can be and that you can learn and break free from the so called “norm” of always using drugs and going to the dr. for every ailment under the sun. Educate yourself, especially if you have children because the knowledge you attain from especially situations that occur in your own life, may be able to help others. This is why I share what I share. God gave my a passion for natural health and fitness so I hope each bit of info will be able to help you and your family too!

Get my fave brand of  ACTIVATED CHARCOAL here!





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