The Dangers of Nail Polish

Hey all! Happy Wednesday! I was about the paint my nails and thought I’d share some info with you on nail polish. So nail polish contains many chemicals in them. Some are ingredients like: formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate and camphor. Whaaat? Seriously who would know that or even understand what those are? Well, to make nail polish a certain stickiness consistency and be able to stay on the nail, certain chemicals have to be used BUT, these harmful chemicals get absorbed into your bloodstream very quickly after your nails are painted. Crazy right? Who would have thought that painting your nails can lead to chemical exposure IN your body that quick? There was a study done on two subjects. One group had their nails painted with nail polish the other group used gloves and had fake nails painted. Both groups had urine tests done before their nails were painted and then after. The group who had their nails painted normally had a chemical from the polish called DPHP shown to INCREASE SHARPLY in their urine. The other group’s urine results showed no change.

Good news is that we can still enjoy the prettiness of polish but in a safer way. There are many companies that create polishes without all the chemicals added. I purchased these Mineral Fusion nail polishes for my daughter’s Princess themed birthday because I wanted safer polish for all the little girls having their nails done. These polishes are FREE of the four chemicals I listed above.

Point it, everything you put IN your body and ON your skin will have a negative or positive result on your health. Recognizing things like this the people tend to not care about WILL AND CAN make a huge difference in your health and the health of your children. When you look at a single day and the foods you or your family consume, the make up your put on your skin (your largest organ), the body care products you use, the soap you wash your hands and clothes with, what you cook and clean with, you will realize an overabundance of chemicals that can be absorbed into your body.

I created a challenge that teaches you to eliminate SO many chemical toxins that are hiding in your home by teaching you to ditch the bad and replace with the good. If you are interested and concerned about making your HOME a safer place for you and your family, check out my challenge HERE.  Educate yourselves and KNOW what you put on and in your bodies and you will have the power to change your health and change lives.




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