Superfood: CACAO

✨ Spotlight

CACAO {theobroma cacao}

Is the original source of chocolate that comes from the fruit of the cacao tree. When most people think of chocolate they think of Snickers, Hershey’s and Almond Joy. Those are just candy bars that have processed sugar in them and no real chocolate at all.

Chocolate you buy in stores are made from cacao after it’s been dried, fermented, roasted and mixed with sugar, milk and other ingredients. But alone cacao is very bitter that’s why when you look at a dark chocolate bar that say 88% cacao it will not taste sweet like milk chocolate. Higher the cacao % the less sweet but more healthier it is for you. Great benefits of cacao are-

1. Muscle & nerve fxn

2. Helps you lose weight

3. Treats diarrhea

4. Helps Prevents strokes and heart disease

5. Prevents anemia because it’s high in iron. These are great added to smoothies, granola, bars, muffins and Acai bowls! Check out this link for great cacao.

Happy Memorial Day. Let’s remember those who have lost their lives for our freedom and those who still sacrifice theirs everyday.







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