Healthy Eats!

Healthy Shabu Shabu

I bought my husband a SHABU Pot for Christmas last year and it’s great! It’s such a great way to have a huge pot of healthy veggies and meats for the whole family to enjoy at once. It’s great for everyone in the family to get involved by cooking the foods. It heats up really hot and fast. We made our own broth with only lemongrass,ginger and water, super tasty! Any SHABU restaurant that you go to will most likely have msg in their broths. Eateries have every right to tell you if they use msg or not so ask! Msg is a neurotoxin which is a chemical that affects your brain and can cause allergies, difficulty breathing (my son had this), even anaphylactic shock so stay away from msg at all costs. Msg has 100’s of other names that it is disguised by so unless you make it yourself you should avoid broths and sauces no matter what. Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai all use msg. Sad but true.

I bought this Shabu Shabu Pot here.

Say no to MSG and always ask when you are at a restaraunt




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