Dry Skin Brushing

Your skin is your largest organ and many don’t realize that its also the largest area that detoxes toxins from your body.  One third of your body’s toxins are eliminated through the skin. Dry skin brushing is using a hard natural bristle brush made from natural fibers. The best way to dry skin brush is by getting naked to make sure you get every part of your body. Start with your feet moving up and always brush toward your heart. You can specifically brush under your arm pits and  on your breasts to make sure you keep the lymph nodes in that area moving and not stagnant full of toxins. Brush your stomach in a left to right circular motion to stimulate digestion and also in the groin area. I always brush my thyroid (located in the middle of the front part of your neck) to stimulate my thyroid gland and keep it functioning properly. I also brush my ears in a circular motion, it feels so great and stimulating. In the back start from the upper neck and go down your spine then do long strokes and circular motions on your back to cleanse the kidneys and lungs.  Brush the back of your legs from feet up toward your heart.

There are great video tutorials that demonstrate various ways of dry skin brushing on YouTube, just search “dry skin brushing.”

What benefits does this have:

1. Cleanses and detoxes your lymphatic system by stimulating the movement of lymph out of the area and flushes toxins and stagnant build up.

2. Exfoliated dead skin

3. Reduces cellulite

4. Unclogs clogged pores

The most important reason why I do dry skin brushing is to keep my lymph system clear. You LYMPHATIC system is part of your immune system that keeps us healthy.  They are considered our body’s filter system that filters out waste and bacteria and other harmful substances.  The lymph system is very important to keep us from infections.  Many women and getting breast cancer because of tumors and lumps in their breasts. Dry brushing is a great way to keep the lymph nodes around your breasts clear. There is also alot of lymph node cancer. Dry brushing on a regular basis will keep the lymph system moving and detoxing. You can see a great and inexpensive dry skin brush: here.

This is a great and easy way to stay detoxed everyday. I highly recommend it!

Be Well




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