Fermented Cod Liver Oil Benefits

What is fermented cod liver oil? Sounds pretty disgusting right? Well, here’s why it’s a great supplement for you and your family to take. It provides your body with two important fat soluble vitamins that many are deficient in: vitamin A and vitamin D. Many individuals have healed cavities naturally and remineralized their teeth by incorporating fermented cod liver oil in their diets, along with removing all grains.

Although you can get these two vitamins from foods, they are hard to obtain because either a person’s body cannot absorb all of that vitamin or they are not eating enough of the foods that provide them. Vitamin A is hard to obtain, you can get it from organ meats like liver or grass fed dairy. Vitamin D is best from the sun but many areas of the world do not have sun year round so many become deficient. The brand I have used and love comes in two types: 1. plain fermented cod liver oil and 2. A blend of the fermented cod liver oil with butter oil. The butter oil contains vitamin K2 which works synergistically with the cod liver oil. The company did inform me that the butter oil is casein and lactose free BUT MAY contain trace amounts. If you are very sensitive to dairy I would recommend this butter free fermented cod liver oil. If you are ok with dairy, this cod liver oil is a great mix.

More fermented cod liver oil benefits:

  • Promotes healthy cholesterol levels
  • Supports tooth and bone health
  • Acts as a systemic anti-inflammatory
  • Helps manage ADHD
  • Helps stabilize mood disorders (bi-polar, depression, etc)
  • Prevents formation of atherosclerotic plaque
  • Reduces symptoms of arthritis (rheumatoid and osteoarthritis)
  • Promotes mental health
  • Promotes healthy hormonal balance
  • Supports health of hair, skin, and nails
  • Reduces skin conditions (acne, eczema)
  • Helps reduce asthma
  • Reduces breast cancer risk
  • Helps lower risk of type 1 diabetes when used in the first year of life (taken from Naturalnews)

Hope this will help you understand how it can benefit you and your family





Superfood: CACAO

✨ Spotlight

CACAO {theobroma cacao}

Is the original source of chocolate that comes from the fruit of the cacao tree. When most people think of chocolate they think of Snickers, Hershey’s and Almond Joy. Those are just candy bars that have processed sugar in them and no real chocolate at all.

Chocolate you buy in stores are made from cacao after it’s been dried, fermented, roasted and mixed with sugar, milk and other ingredients. But alone cacao is very bitter that’s why when you look at a dark chocolate bar that say 88% cacao it will not taste sweet like milk chocolate. Higher the cacao % the less sweet but more healthier it is for you. Great benefits of cacao are-

1. Muscle & nerve fxn

2. Helps you lose weight

3. Treats diarrhea

4. Helps Prevents strokes and heart disease

5. Prevents anemia because it’s high in iron. These are great added to smoothies, granola, bars, muffins and Acai bowls! Check out this link for great cacao.

Happy Memorial Day. Let’s remember those who have lost their lives for our freedom and those who still sacrifice theirs everyday.







The PAIN of GAS.

My morning was slightly ROCKED by major pain! Ughh… I suffered major gas pain in my stomach this morning, the worst that I’ve ever experienced!! I gave birth to three children without any pain meds so I know what it feels like to experience a pain all over your body, but knowing it won’t last too much longer and the outcome makes it easier. BUT, early this morning my stomach felt gassy. For those who don’t know, the anatomy of your stomach is located up right under your chest (see picture above) Typically when you see people touch their tummy they touch the lower part of their abdomen, but that is actually your intestines not your stomach.

So I got up and as normal had some ACV and water, took digestive enzymes and probiotics and felt fine. I sat to have my first cup of organic coffee and one of my matcha green tea raw bars and my stomach got more and more sore. I new it was gas. Normally if I do feel that, it will go away soon and on its own. This time it kept getting worse and worse. It got so bad and I was in so much pain I started sweating and felt like I had to throw up, although I couldn’t, I wanted to. Anything to ease the pain would help. I took a shot of lemon water and water with ACV both known to help alkalize the stomach but nothing seemed to work. I also used lavender and peppermint essential oils. I love using peppermint oil, but in some situations it may seem to exacerbate the problem because of the menthol and minty feel it leaves on your skin, so in that case I wont use it again. Nonetheless, it did not help. I went online to see what other things I could do to help alleviate gas. As I read through a list, ACTIVATED CHARCOAL popped up! “YES!” I thought, why did I not think of that. In agony I got up, grabbed my activated charcoal  put a some in a spoon and mixed it directly in water. I wanted the absorption to be fast acting so I did not put it in a capsule. There’s actually no taste at all so it was easy to drink. Activated Charcoal is made from coconuts and is not the same charcoal you BBQ with!! So I drank the charcoal, got a heating pad, laid on the couch an started to do reflexology on the bottom of my feet. Within minutes I could hear and  feel the gas bubbles in my stomach  pop and the pain slowly subsided.

I want to share with with you because first of all, just because I eat healthy, workout and share so much health info with your, does not exclude me from ever going through ailments. My hormones affect me a lot and majority of it is caused by my past. Lots of antibiotics, terrible diet full of processed foods, unhealthy over the counter meds, sugars and being on birth control pills took a toll on my body when I was younger causing first of all candida (yeast caused by an imbalance of good/bad bacteria). When you take just one round of antibiotics, it kills MORE good bacteria the bad and that’s why I’m so against any antibiotics UNLESS its life or death and nothing is working. The candida causes leaky gut and leaky gut leads to many many disorders like hormonal imbalances, gallbladder issues and digestive issues which is what I go through. If your leaky gut is never healed it can then turn autoimmune which means your body starts to attack itself and will choose specific organs to attach, most popular being the thyroid gland and then joints which is what arthritis is.


Activated charcoal is used for gas and bloated an detoxing the body but is mostly know for and useful for poison in the body. If you ever have alcohol poison or any other type of poison, activated charcoal has been used and documented to be VERY effective. It is an amazing and powerful superfood source to have on hand at home or in your purse/bag at all times. Kids can take it because there’s no tasted and its safe and effective. FOOD is medicine. I could have easily taken a GAS-X pill from the store and it may have helped, but stuff like that is full of chemicals and will have other side effects. I just want you to know that some remedies like this CHARCOAL may be fast acting (thank you Lord because I was in pain) and others like herbs need to be taken over time in order for you to feel and see results. It’s all about knowing your body and being patient with healing. When you look at your past, your diet, medications taken, alcohol use, drug use, stress levels, whether you exercised etc.. you will know why you feel the way your feel today and know how to properly treat it. So as I share this I want you to know how powerful and effective natural safe remedies can be and that you can learn and break free from the so called “norm” of always using drugs and going to the dr. for every ailment under the sun. Educate yourself, especially if you have children because the knowledge you attain from especially situations that occur in your own life, may be able to help others. This is why I share what I share. God gave my a passion for natural health and fitness so I hope each bit of info will be able to help you and your family too!

Get my fave brand of  ACTIVATED CHARCOAL here!





Super Stack Post Workout

Green & Fit Faves…
I’m always sharing my fave supplements and superfoods. All of them can be ordered off my shop section.
I wanted to share 3 great supplements I take after I workout everyday- Thyroid Support by Gaia, Adrenal Hedlth by Gaia and Krill Oil. They have all helped me greatly by helping me balance my hormones, lower cortisol, sleep better, better digestion, less water retention, support my thyroid and adrenal function, not fatigue etc..
Here’s a short description of each-
Thyroid Support
Supports healthy thyroid function
Promotes a healthy metabolism
Supports thyroid hormones
Ultimate support for metabolic enhancement
Supports the immune and endocrine system
Adrenal Health-
Supports healthy adrenal function
Promotes adaptation to stress
Supports calmness and freedom from excitability
Laboratory tested for purity
Free of heavy-metal toxicity
100% PURE HIGHEST QUALITY KRILL OIL + OMEGA 3 ANTIOXIDANT BLEND : Our product delivers 1000mg Per Serving of pure, high quality, 100% purified, mercury free, gluten free, solvent free and GMO free Krill Oil pills. Each batch is independently tested to ensure quality and safety. Which Supports heart, brain, joint and immune system health. our complex contains 200mcg antioxidant Astaxanthnin that provides essential nutrients for the skin, eyes and cells. Click link in my bio to see these💕💚 #thyroidhealth #adrenalhealth #omegas #krill #greenandfitmamafaves #brain #heart #hormones #digestion


Leaky Gut. What Is It?

The term ‘Leaky Gut” refers to gut permeability. It happens when the lining of your gut (stomach and intestines) develop holes in them where particles that are not supposed to reach the bloodstream pass through.  Your gut lining acts as a barrier that keeps out larger items that can damage your system. There are many things that can cause leaky gut, here are some:

-use of anitbiotics

-use of pharmaceutical meds or over the counter meds

-poor diet

-toxin overload


-bacterial imbalance (imbalance of good/bad bacteria caused by antibiotics, over use of prescription drugs, lack of probiotics in the diet, chlorine and fluoride).

-the most common components of foods that can cause leaky gut are the protein in unsprouted grains (lectins), sugars, diary, gmos and gluten


bloating, autoimmune diseases, thyroid disease, allergies, IBS, mood issues, autism, skin problems

Some of the MAIN foods that cause aggravation to your gut causing leaky gut are:


Things that can help heal your leaky gut:

  1. REMOVE- the main factor in healing leaky gut is to remove the triggers that are causing it.

Replace with foods/supplements that heal: bone broth, cultured diary, fermented vegetables, coconut products, sprouted seeds.


PROBIOTICS– a good probiotic supplement I recommend THIS one (or any from this brand) and also probiotics from foods

L-Glutamine– I use this glutamine powder by NOW and highly recommend it

Digestive Enzymes-I use this one by GHC and its amazing and will not only help you digest foods you eat, but will cleanse you of candida

-DGL- licorice root


Please see links above for the items I recommend.




Hormonal Balance with MACA.

Hormones are messengers in our bodies that tell us how we will feel, act and function. If our hormones are imbalanced, our bodies definitely tell us. On the other hand, if we have balanced hormones, our body is in harmony, it feels at peace but also energized, our organs function properly, digestion is great, skin is clear and we are happy! But, with the SAD (Standard American Diet) and over abundance of highly processed foods, genetically modified organisms, chemical loaded skin, body and hair care products, its so easy to become hormonally imbalanced. It especially affects women who have had children, are more mature and are still having a menstrual cycle. Men can be hormonal imbalanced also, so don’t count them out.

SYMPTOMS of HORMONE IMBALANCES (but not limited to):

-digestive issues


-joint pain

-acne/rashes/eczema/other skin issues

-hot flashes

-always cold

-low body temperature/high body temperature



-always hungry


-weight gain


Some factors that can affect hormones are: diet, gluten, sugars, negative thinking, toxicity, deficiency in certain nutrients, birth control, over the counter meds, antibiotics, pharma meds, chemicals in foods, herbicides, pesticides, leaky gut, candida…

There are hundreds of products on the market that can help with balancing hormones. The most important thing is to know what hormones are high and which ones are low. That can only be done by testing but sometimes tests aren’t always accurate. Many times its trial and error with a specific herb or vitamin and it takes time to see how your body reacts to it. Some herbs help some, and for others that certain herb may cause worse symptoms. EVERY body is different and just because one natural remedy works for one person it does not always mean it will work for you.

The one herb that I LOVE and have used for years is called MACA (lepidium meyenii) Maca is great because it is an ADAPTOGENIC herb meaning that it does not contain any plant hormones but its a plant that helps your body adapt to what it needs. Because of it’s many benefits it is considered a SUPERFOOD.

History of MACA:  it has been used medicinally for over 2,000 years. It originates from South America in the mountains of Peru. It is safe and has been used for years by people for many issues in men and women.

Maca is the one herb that does not contain any hormones but helps your body adapt to what its high or low in.


  1. PMS/INFERTILITY/MENOPAUSE/PCOS-it will help balance out estrogen levels in the body whether low or high.
  2. FERTILITY/SEXUAL HEALTH- it supports the adrenals and thyroid gland, helps increase fertility levels, nourishes the endocrine system
  3. ENERGY- increases energy, mood and function
  4. ANTIOXIDANTS- boost your antioxidant levels and increases immunity

I love this brand of MACA. I love the taste and how easy it is to consume. I use my on sprinkled on fruits, in smoothies and also in raw energy bars. It is totally worth the try if you need more energy or have any symptoms of hormonal imbalance!







CARROT 🥕 & GINGER (juiced)
So. You know this cough and chest cold going around, yeah well it’s trying (note I said trying) to get to me😡 So, I went to Costco and got that huge bag of organic carrots and a big container of organic ginger and juiced them like crazy. Well, it looked like I juiced a million carrots 🥕 but I ended up with this small glass but it so powerful. I’m gonna drink another sip then save the rest for the remainder of the day. I also made some for my kids to drink when they get home, they’ll be SO excited 😜🤗. I may have put a little too much ginger 😬 I can feel every bacteria or virus being killed off by the heat in my throat and chest! Wow! So FYI, when juicing ginger, go easy. A small piece packs a punch! Good stuff. No cold will hit me.ginger is anti bacterial, reduces inflammation and pain and carrots are full of vitamins and minerals mostly A & C.

I have a great JUICER by Breville. You can get it here.

Stay well and don’t let those colds get to ya!