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Start Your Day Green Revolution

I’m starting a..

🌿Start Your Day Green ⚡️Revolution .


Anyone ready to make green juice  your start to your day?


Green•Juice•Challenge⚡️ who’s in? Everyone need more greens in their diet, good organic alkalizing greens. So I’m starting a GREEN JUICE challenge and in the end we all win and it’s the only challenge that never ends because you will learn and love to make it part of your lifestyle. Every-single day.

Hope all of you are at least making an effort to try. What’s the reason why you should start green? -it alkalizes your body. disease cannot live in an alkaline state, only acidic. so if you’re eating breads, meat and drinking coffee first thing your body becomes more acidic
-it helps your body detoxify- from when you get up till about 11am your body is in detox mode. putting an alkaline green drink facilitates your digestive track to remove toxins.
-greens will be absorbed by your gut without any foods and build your immune system.
-you have more energy, alertness and can move and function better.
No negatives, only positives. Let’s do this!!

Starting today (August 21, 2017), FIRST THING in the morning, drink just one glass of any green juice- fresh juiced that you juice from organic vegetables,  already purchased cold pressed organic juice  like Suja or many other companies that offer cold pressed juices like Juice from the Raw or many other green juice brands out there. If you don’t have much time in the morning to make your own green juice or even smoothie, I recommend this organic powdered greens from  Amazing Grass or Dr. Mercolas Greens, those are two I love and use.  If you have some time you can even make a green smoothie with little fruit as possible.  Always drink any green juice or smoothie on  an empty stomach.   Make sure it’s the first thing you have besides water.  So who’s in? Once you make it part of your day preferably the very first thing in the morning,  you’ll stick with it for life! Let’s do this! Follow me on IG here @greenandfitmama and tag me by hash tagging: #startyourdaygreen on your photos and IG stories. If you don’t have a juicer get a good green food powder or make smoothies. Let’s go green together✨⚡️✌🌿🍃🌱

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Love & Green Juice:





Boing! Rebounding is Awesome!

“Boing!” Rebounding is such and easy and fun but super EFFECTIVE way to support your immune system. Rebounding is the only activity that strengthens, cleanses and tones every cell in the body (Natural News). It actually clears out toxins from your Lymphatic System and keeps it running smooth. There are 4 different kinds of bounces:

1. Health Bounce-feet don’t leave the mat and its beneficial to fully flush the lymphatic system.

2.Aerobic Bounce-bouncing while doing jogging, running or jumping jacks in place. This way burns more calories and joints are protected because impact is low.

3.Strength Bounce-jumping as high as you can, this is the most beneficial for strength gains because the cells are under the highest amount of gravitational pull

4.Sitting Bounce- strengthens the abs, back and legs.

(info from Natural News)

These mini tramps are inexpensive but such a great investment for a better health and my kids love it!



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Protein and Fat Burn- all in one.

I’m pretty stoked to try this newer Bone Broth Protein Fit  powder.  I’ve used the regular powder before but love the ingredients I see in this one. It’s infused with ASHWAGHANDA- the best adaptogenic herb for stress  management.

PEPPERS 🌶 for fat burn, circulation and pain reducing

Bone broth concentrate that contains all the great gut healing and joint maintenance properties (see last pic)


If you’re pressed for time, how can you give your muscles the boost they need before a workout? Well, Bone Broth Protein FIT Thermo Burner powder is the answer.

Unlike other protein powders, Bone Broth Protein FIT Thermo Burner powder only has 1 gram of sugar per serving and a great vanilla spice flavor. FUEL YOUR MUSCLES: A metabolism boosting protein powder that provides the unique benefit of bone broth to keep your energy levels high and preserve muscle.

ESSENTIAL: Provides powerful nutrients your body needs to stoke your metabolism while preserving muscle, including bone broth and organic Ashwagandha, 6 specially selected organic peppers, and just enough caffeine to get you moving.

UNBEATABLE QUALITY: It’s dairy-free, gluten-free, Non-GMO, soy-free, grain-free, nut-free, loaded with 20 grams of highly-absorbable protein, and only 100 calories per serving. (Dr. Axe)

So if you’re looking for a great clean and gut healing protein, try this!






Spoonk Mat Therapy.

Not “spook” but Spoonk, a type of acupressure mat that when you get used to, feels amazing!  Spoonk Space acupressure mat is the leading acupressure mat and is able to hit  6210 pressure points. I have had my Spook Space Mat for over 3 years now and love using it on my feet, back and neck. When you first try it the directions recommend using socks. It is pretty poky but after time you will get used to it. So what are the purpose and benefits of using an acupressure mat? It has helped so many people with back pain, neck and shoulder stiffness, sleeping issues, fatigue and general depression.

What It Does/How does it benefit me:

~It stimulates reflex points throughout the body

~releases blocked energy

~eases tense muscles

~creates deep relaxation

~increases blood flow

~reduces pain and inflammation

~increases energy

~improves sleep

~improves metabolism

See my favorite Spoonk Mat HERE and try it for yourself! Totally worth the purchase! It’s something you will have and use with many benefits for a long time!