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Healthy Chex Mix

Healthy Chex Mix!

My son has been bugging to make Chex Mix so I told him we’d do a healthier version. So many people think chex mixes from stores are just cereal so they are healthy. Far from the truth. The cereals normally used are rice, corn and wheat Chex. Those all contain high fructose corn syrup, chemical preservatives and are gmo. The peanuts are usually ones fried in corn or soybean oil which are highly gmo and the butter used is full of hormones and antibiotics and brown sugar used in sweet Chex Mix is just white processed sugar with molasses added to make it brown. Yuk! When you learn how to read ingredients and KNOW what’s in each food you put in your and your children’s bodies, you will begin to take control of your health. So we used healthier ingredients- non gmo puffs and O cereal, raw peanuts, organic spelt pretzels, ghee, coconut nectar, vanilla and cinnamon. The kids and husband loved it!



3 cups of Organic O’s Cereal

3 cups of Barbara’s Puffs Cereal

2 cups Newman’s Organic Spelt Pretzels

2 cups raw peanuts

1/2 cup Organic Purity Farms Ghee (melted)

1 tbsp coconut nectar

Mix all the dry ingredients together in a large sheet pan. Spread evenly, use two pans if necessary. In a saucepan heat the ghee and coconut nectar till melted. Pour ghee mix over the cereal and make sure all is coated. Bake on 300 for 15 minutes. Take out and stir around. Bake for another 15-20 minutes until golden brown.

Remove from the oven and let it cool. Enjoy!



Healthy Eats!

Non Toxic Lunches

I choose to make my kids lunch everyday. Although it is, yes, time consuming, it’s worth it because I choose for them not to eat the processed foods they serve as school. Day in and day out of that stuff will take a negative toll on their bodies. I wanted to share these amazing stainless steel lunch boxes that I bought years ago! I purchased the one on the left for my son Levi when he started Kindergarten (different carry case) and that was 6 years ago. I bought the one on the right 2 years after even Ezra started K so it’s now 4 years old. Now my daughter is using it. These lunch boxes are super easy. Adults use them too! Fill the compartments with food, they have small stainless containers you can buy to put wet items in and the magnets are interchangeable and fun for the kids. They also have a variety of cases and sizes. They will both use these until they are out of elementary. It’s worth it. Click the link below to check it out. BUT- I’m sure when you see the price you’ll think, “Wow so expensive!!” But here’s the deal- they last so long, look 👀 I had mine going on 7 years! Think of all the money you’ll spend on zip loc bags, tin foil, wax paper etc.. and not to mention the waste it creates. And if you use plastic containers, they are toxic, they leach chemicals into your kids food esp even it’s hot, they are harder to wash and lucky they last 6 mos.
These Planet Boxes are-
•non toxic-lead, BPA, PVC and phthalate free✳️
•eco friendly✳️
•easy to clean-hand wash or dishwasher✳️
•easy to pack✳️
•saves time✳️
•reduces waste✳️
•fun for the kids✳️
If you have a child/children in elementary school it’s totally worth investing in!
Check it out HERE
Go non toxic!
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RAW BAR KITS now for sale!

Hey everyone! If you haven’t t seen a few of my previous posts, I’m now selling my raw bars by kits for you to mix and freeze your own. Previously I was selling them made only locally for pick up but so many people asked me to ship but as pricey as it already is, it would be more to ship it with ice to stay frozen. SO after years of praying about it I finally decided to offer all ingredients and instructions necessary to make your own Green & Fit Mama raw bars! These are RAW.…there is no cooking or baking or even blending involved. All you need to have is a mixing bowl, spoon, muffin pan and freezer. I’m hoping that’s already a given 😂 Here’s a video clip of my ORIGINAL raw bar that I first created about hmmm..7 years ago! I was only going to start offering coffee and matcha but had to add in my original. This is nuts, seeds, cranberries and non gmo dairy free vegan chocolate chips. And yes I did take a bite after the video 😋😋😋 so if you’d like to order I have sale going on now. You can order -Coffee Lovers – Matcha green Tea or -G&FM Original from this link below. Your kit will make about 12-14 of these sized unflattened muffin bars (not bar sized) See link below to check order

Healthy Eats!

Omega Fatty Acids

For the L💚VE of salmon! My mouth is watering as I type😋💕 This is soo good (stuffing my face now) salmon is a fatty fish high omega 3 fats. Fatty acids are necessary for all functions in your body. Two are essential (omega 3,6) meaning you need to consume them and one (omega 9) is non essential The typical processed American diet has too many processed foods and oils that people are getting 15x the amount of omega6 fats compared to omega 3 fats. I don’t eat fish often,it’s hard to get fish free of pollutants especially mercury but there are many plant based sources of omega fats also. Here are some-
Omega 3- spirulina, Brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds, raw walnuts, green leafy veggies and flax seeds. Omega 6- olive oil, grape seeds, pistachios, sesame oil, raw nuts n seeds. Omega 9- avocados, pecans, cashews, mac nuts, almonds, almonds and hazelnuts. The tricky part is finding balance of 3&6 because when there is a balance the body can significantly produce omega 9. Check out my IG page for more great health and fitness info: @greenandfitmama

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