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Hey! Sorry for the lack of blog posts. I started an aromatherapy jewelry line called Drop of Love. Majority of my pieces are made from lava bead that absorb essential oils in them for you to enjoy the smell and aroma from the oils while wearing your jewelry.

I used to have a handstamped jewerly business for 6 years that did really well. I decided to stop that and start this one because it combines creativity and health and wellness at the same time. I love essential oils and aromatherapy is very powerful.

I have been focusing on that but am continuing to post food, supplements, fitness and everything health on my IG page: @greenandfitmama and will still continue to write blog posts here. If you aren’t following me on IG, please do so, I am very consistent with that page.

Please check out my line here: http://www.dropoflove.us





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Who uses those typical Banana Boat spray sunscreens?Please protect yourself and  children by not using chemical sunscreens.
The most common sunscreens on the market contain chemical filters. These products typically include a combination of two to six of these active ingredients:

  • Para amino benzoic acid
  • Octyl salicyclate
  • Oxybenzone
  • Cinoxate
  • Dioxybenzone
  • Phenylbenzimidazole
  • Homosalate
  • Menthyl anthranilate
  • Octocrylene
  • Methoxycinnamate
  • Parabens

These chemicals will go on your skin and straight to your bloodstream to cause problems in your body.

There are many safe sunscreens that contain only two or one of the two safe ingredients that actually sit on your skin and protect harmful rays. These ingredients are zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide.

Some dangers of chemical sunscreens are:

  1. hormone disruption
  2. some release skin damaging effects in the sun
  3. skin irritation
  4. allergic reactions

Please See below for a list of SAFE sunscreens for children:

  1. Badger for Kids
  2. Badger for Babies
  3. Think Sport For Kids
  4. Think Sport For Babies
  5. California Baby
  6. Blue Lizard
  7. Goddess Garden
  8. Kiss My Face Babies
  9. Sunology
  10. Burnout Kids
  11. Babyganics

Safe sunscreens for adults/ok for children too:

  1. Badger
  2. Think Sport
  3. Goddess Garden
  4. Burnout
  5. All Good

Please take the time to see what you are putting on your skin and your children’s skin, especially while in the sun! Be safe, wear safe sunscreen.





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Dangers of Energy Drinks


Advertising, marketing and bright bold colors on the cans or bottles are made to lure you in to these amazingly awesome energy drinks! But beware, nothing is ever as it seems.

So I’m here today to explain to you what exactly is in these mainstream energy drinks and how to read ingredients and more so know what affect they have on your body.

Red Bull, Monster and Rockstar are some of the popular brands of energy drinks out there today. Lets take a look at some of the main similar ingredients in these:




ROCKSTAR: 30+ grams

ROCKSTAR ZERO: 0g BUT it;s made with erythritol which is a FAKE chemical sugar worse for you than regular sugars

As you can see there is tons of sugar for a small can of drink.30 plus grams is alot, you shouldnt even consume that much sugar per day let alone on one drink, that’s my opinion. Sugar from fruits are different so that doesn’t apply there. SUGAR is on of the root causes of disease and chronic illnesses. Disease, candida, inflammation they all FEED off of sugar. Sugar is how these bacteria, fungus and viruses live. When you starve the body of sugar, they cannot survive.

CAFFEINE: these drinks contain way over the limit the body can handle for caffeine. Every body is different but these high amounts make your cortisol levels spike then immediately crash hurting your adrenals glands, bringing them to exhaustion and then your body creates a dependence on that cortisol spike to survive creating a cycle of inflammation.

HERBS: They look great listed as an ingredient right? But you have no idea or source of how they are grown or harvested so most likely they are sprayed with tons of chemicals.

CHEMICAL ADDITIVES AND DYES: you have to realized that the USDA (they careless about your health) does not require certain ingredients to be listed when in smaller amounts, but all health drinks contain dyes, that’s what makes certain ones certain colors, These dyes are not made for consumption, they act as allergies to the body. Other chemicals are added for taste and other factors that harm you also.

Studies have shown that energy drinks do not enhance athletic performance, they do not enhance cognitive performance either.  It’s really scary because mostly younger individuals are attracted to these drinks because they want to fit in and do what everyone else is doing, be accepted and follow along with the trend. But these drinks are harming kids as well as others who consume them.



So if the reason why you are consuming these energy drinks is truly to have more energy, here are some safer and natural options:

  1. strengthen your adrenal gland and thyroid gland by eating a diet free of gluten, and sugars and possibly lower or stop gluten consumption. When you strengthen your overall body, it helps with your energy levels. I take and recommend these two supplements to support your adrenal and thyroid gland. Adrenal Health by Gaia and Thyroid Support by Gaia.
  2. Stay away from processed sugars or too much of any sugar. Sugar will always weaken and halt your immune system
  3. Eat real foods- consuming whole foods preferably organic will fill and feed your cells which is what provide energy to your body.
  4. take a good vitamin B supplement. Vitamin B’s are necessary for cell function and provide O2 and energy production to each cell of your body. A great vitamin B complex is this one and also a great vegan B12 by GHC.
  5. Drink more water, dehydration will zap you of energy
  6. Sleep better, sleep, so simple, but it does a body good.
  7. Stay away from simple carbs like sugars and eat more complex carbs like sweet potatoes, yams and bananas.
  8. Do a full body detox regularly- once a year is preferred, I recommend twice. The best detoxes that I have used and only will use are from Global Healing Center. I recommend the Body Cleanse Starter Kit to start.

Hope this gives you some great info and insight on the dangers of energy drinks.

There’s one brand that is local made in Hawaii that you may want to try. It’s called GREEN and made with pure organic ingredients! Check them out.




The Dangers of Nail Polish

Hey all! Happy Wednesday! I was about the paint my nails and thought I’d share some info with you on nail polish. So nail polish contains many chemicals in them. Some are ingredients like: formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate and camphor. Whaaat? Seriously who would know that or even understand what those are? Well, to make nail polish a certain stickiness consistency and be able to stay on the nail, certain chemicals have to be used BUT, these harmful chemicals get absorbed into your bloodstream very quickly after your nails are painted. Crazy right? Who would have thought that painting your nails can lead to chemical exposure IN your body that quick? There was a study done on two subjects. One group had their nails painted with nail polish the other group used gloves and had fake nails painted. Both groups had urine tests done before their nails were painted and then after. The group who had their nails painted normally had a chemical from the polish called DPHP shown to INCREASE SHARPLY in their urine. The other group’s urine results showed no change.

Good news is that we can still enjoy the prettiness of polish but in a safer way. There are many companies that create polishes without all the chemicals added. I purchased these Mineral Fusion nail polishes for my daughter’s Princess themed birthday because I wanted safer polish for all the little girls having their nails done. These polishes are FREE of the four chemicals I listed above.

Point it, everything you put IN your body and ON your skin will have a negative or positive result on your health. Recognizing things like this the people tend to not care about WILL AND CAN make a huge difference in your health and the health of your children. When you look at a single day and the foods you or your family consume, the make up your put on your skin (your largest organ), the body care products you use, the soap you wash your hands and clothes with, what you cook and clean with, you will realize an overabundance of chemicals that can be absorbed into your body.

I created a challenge that teaches you to eliminate SO many chemical toxins that are hiding in your home by teaching you to ditch the bad and replace with the good. If you are interested and concerned about making your HOME a safer place for you and your family, check out my challenge HERE.  Educate yourselves and KNOW what you put on and in your bodies and you will have the power to change your health and change lives.





Attention all COFFEE ☕️LOVERS!! I just wanted to share this with you all because if you love organic coffee like I do, in my experience and opinion, it def makes a difference how your coffee is being brewed. Ok, I’m not a coffee connoisseur but just sharing what I love. Ok first off, coffee crop are highly sprayed with herbicides and pesticides 😷🤒😝. So, buy organic coffee beans or grounds and support companies that really take the time to plant, harvest and prepare coffee sustainability and healthy for us. Getting to the point➡️➡️➡️ I’ve tried coffee brewed in a regular coffee pot, Keurig, glass pour over, French press and cold brewed coffee. BUT my ABsolute favorite way I love coffee brewed hot is in my Clever Dripper. It’s small simple and totally inexpensive. I’ve had my Clever Dripper for over 4 years now given to me by @mailagibson (Yup same one Maila) and although she’s on her last leg, she still does the job💕 here’s what I love about it and you can get your own( see the link below)
1. Most importantly- coffee is so much LESS ACIDIC- really!!! Not joking it’s smooth and clean tasting, how coffee is supposed to taste. I drink my coffee black, so smooth and not acidic is vital!
2. You can control how dark and strong you want it. Since you add However much coffee grounds you want and let the hot water sit for the time you want you control how it will taste.
3.it’s small and portable- you can take this with you on trips so you don’t have to use the nasty coffee makers in the hotel rooms😜
4. It’s inexpensive.
Check out the link to see how to make coffee using this Clever Dripper




The power of the sun

Absorbing good ol’ sun ☀️ {vitamin D}
Please read below for great info and the reason why I share this is because SO many people, even us living in Hawaii where there is year round sun, are deficient. Vitamin D deficiency is the cause of MANY diseases even cancer.
FACT- vitamin d is not actually a vitamin but a prohormone. I’ll share with you the process of how UVB rays from the sun keep you healthy-
➡️unprotected (no sunscreen, especially chemical ones or clothing)body exposed to sun
➡️body absorbs UVB rays which starts a chemical reaction- the prohormone (sun)is converted to vitamin D
➡️a form of cholesterol that’s already on your skin is then converted to vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol)
➡️this travels to your liver where it’s metabolized and becomes the form-hydroxyvitamin D or 25 (OH) D
➡️then your kidneys convert it to 25(OH)2D a form that your body can use to keep you healthy.
Super scientific but understandable. Point is you should be getting 90% of your vitamin D from the sun and if you live somewhere where you don’t have much then supplementing is necessary. I live in HI and I was deficient. Women who have had children are more likely to be. The SUN is not bad for you like so many people think. Staying in the sun and burning your skin is. You should get at least 10min per day of sun that is shining directly on your face and body without sunscreens. If you stay in longer then use chemical free sunscreens. So if you have any type of chronic illness, check your D levels, it’s likely you could be low. When supplementing make sure it’s a clean form of D3. I have two vitamin D supplements I recommend is great and you can check it out Here:

Vitamin D3 Spray

Vitamin D3 liquid

Vitamin D3 & K2

Get out and get some sun!




Golden Milk

Golden Milk
I’m so cold today! This golden Milk hit the spot not only with warmth but also with providing me with superfoods to help me get rid of this cough and slightly swollen lymph nodes I’m fighting. Ugh, colds tick me off because I know I’m not getting enough sleep and need to do what I have a hard time doing the most- REST 😩 This hot drink is called Golden Milk because it’s main ingredient is the powerful herb, turmeric. Turmeric is anti inflammatory, boosts immunity, reduces pain and inflammation, soothes irritated tissues, supports the stomach lining, loosens stiff joints, balances blood sugar and is known for its anti cancer benefits. Here’s my recipe-


2cups unsweetened coconut milk,

1tsp powdered turmeric (start with 1/2 until your body is used to it),

1/2 tsp ginger powder,

1/2 tsp cinnamon,

1/2 tsp cardamom,

1tsp honey 🍯 or more if you want to it sweeter just don’t add too much!

Dash of black pepper for absorbing superfoods.

Boil milk reduce to simmer and stir in all ingredients.

This is great anytime of day, but at night is best since it will relax you and help you to sleep.