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So last night I had to take my younger son (9) to the ER.  On Saturday he had a low grade fever that started in the morning. He had a long day on a field trip the day before, was cold and got home at 10:30pm at night so I figured he just caught a little cold. His fever went away that day, naturally.  I never give any fever reducers, just herbs, vitamins and essential oils. The next day, Sunday, he still said he wasn’t feeling good but no fever. He just wasn’t himself.  Yesterday he was fine, no fever etc. he played and ate as normal. Later that night he complained again about his stomach being sore and being crampy and gassy.  I just figured its a stomach virus or something he ate.  Then right as he was going to sleep he complained it was freezing and usually he’s the one that is always hot at night and wants the air conditioner on. I felt him and he felt really hot. He seemed to spike a fever again.  If you know me, I am not at the Dr. a lot, hardly ever. I will do anything I can before taking my children to the Dr.  But I know appendicitis is common and it can be fatal if it bursts. I looked up all the classic symptoms of appendicitis and he had most of them and  the fever made me worried the most. He wasn’t in major pain, but usually that is how it starts off. It can be a dull pain then over a 8-12 hour period, it can worsen. I didn’t want to take the chance and knew I couldn’t sleep, so we took him in to check.

When the Dr. did a physical exam he felt his stomach and lower abdomen and asked if there was any pain. My son said no and when he got to the ER he did not have a fever. He explained that usually the pain will move over to the lower right abdomen, still have a fever and be very uncomfortable. The only test that is pretty accurate would be a CT scan which is very high in radiation and because he felt it was unlikely, he suggested not to do it. In any other situation I would not have taken him in, but because he has been telling me that his stomach has been sore off and on the past month or so, made me think maybe it was it. So after all that, we were able to leave, his stomach was still crampy but no major pain, especially in the lower right area.  I will continue to give him antibacterial herbs and enzymes for his stomach.

I wanted to share this so that if you every experience something similar, please do not hesitate to take your child in to check it especially if they have a fever and the pain is located on the lower right abdomen and is tender and sore to touch.  Many parents mistake appendicitis for a stomach virus and sometimes it’s too late. Kids have a high tolerance for pain and my not always know how to describe how they feel. I always ask my son “where is it sore?” So I urge you to just be super observant of your child in that area and look for fever, pain, vomiting, nausea and diarrhea.  Below I give you a brief write up about appendicitis and what it is and common symptoms to look for.


Appendicitis is an inflammation of the appendix organ located at the bottom right area of your abdomen. This is a very common condition in many younger children, but can happen to anyone at anytime.

The appendix is a 31/2 inch tube shaped sack that is connected to the large intestine (see my picture below). It may be used to produce and protect beneficial probiotic colonies in the digestive system.  The appendix at first was looked at as an organ unnecessary which to me is crazy because God created us and if any organ was unnecessary He would not have place it in our bodies! So with that being said, the appendix has been studied and shown to play a big role in our immune systems. Lymph tissue forms in the appendix after birth. It has been known to serve as a reservoir of good bacteria.

Main cause of appendicitis is not clearly know, but here are some reasons what may cause the appendix to become inflamed and possibly rupture.

  1. When it becomes blocked by stool, a foreign body or cancer. Usually there is some type of infection and this causes the appendix to inflame.
  2. Parasite, fungal or viral infection can cause inflammation.
  3. blocking in the lining of the appendix

So as you can see it starts with some type of blockage, especially by stool.  It’s important to use the bathroom when you feel like you need to go. Many children hold in their stool because they are playing or busy or afraid to go out in public or school. I told my son to never do that and no matter where he is, if he has to go, go! When you hold back your stool, it can accumulate and cause bacterial build up, blockage, infection and appendicitis!

Here are some classic symptoms to look for in appendicitis:

  • Dull pain near the navel or the upper abdomen that becomes sharp as it moves to the lower right abdomen. This is usually the first sign.
  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea and/or vomiting soon after abdominal pain begins
  • Abdominal swelling
  • Fever of 99-102 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Inability to pass gas

The main symptom you want to look for is that the pain moves toward the lower right part of the abdomen and is accompanied by a fever.  If you have any feeling that it may be appendicitis, please dont ever hesitate, go in and check it!

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Start Your Day Green Revolution

I’m starting a..

🌿Start Your Day Green ⚡️Revolution .


Anyone ready to make green juice  your start to your day?


Green•Juice•Challenge⚡️ who’s in? Everyone need more greens in their diet, good organic alkalizing greens. So I’m starting a GREEN JUICE challenge and in the end we all win and it’s the only challenge that never ends because you will learn and love to make it part of your lifestyle. Every-single day.

Hope all of you are at least making an effort to try. What’s the reason why you should start green? -it alkalizes your body. disease cannot live in an alkaline state, only acidic. so if you’re eating breads, meat and drinking coffee first thing your body becomes more acidic
-it helps your body detoxify- from when you get up till about 11am your body is in detox mode. putting an alkaline green drink facilitates your digestive track to remove toxins.
-greens will be absorbed by your gut without any foods and build your immune system.
-you have more energy, alertness and can move and function better.
No negatives, only positives. Let’s do this!!

Starting today (August 21, 2017), FIRST THING in the morning, drink just one glass of any green juice- fresh juiced that you juice from organic vegetables,  already purchased cold pressed organic juice  like Suja or many other companies that offer cold pressed juices like Juice from the Raw or many other green juice brands out there. If you don’t have much time in the morning to make your own green juice or even smoothie, I recommend this organic powdered greens from  Amazing Grass or Dr. Mercolas Greens, those are two I love and use.  If you have some time you can even make a green smoothie with little fruit as possible.  Always drink any green juice or smoothie on  an empty stomach.   Make sure it’s the first thing you have besides water.  So who’s in? Once you make it part of your day preferably the very first thing in the morning,  you’ll stick with it for life! Let’s do this! Follow me on IG here @greenandfitmama and tag me by hash tagging: #startyourdaygreen on your photos and IG stories. If you don’t have a juicer get a good green food powder or make smoothies. Let’s go green together✨⚡️✌🌿🍃🌱

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Drop Of Love

Hey! Sorry for the lack of blog posts. I started an aromatherapy jewelry line called Drop of Love. Majority of my pieces are made from lava bead that absorb essential oils in them for you to enjoy the smell and aroma from the oils while wearing your jewelry.

I used to have a handstamped jewerly business for 6 years that did really well. I decided to stop that and start this one because it combines creativity and health and wellness at the same time. I love essential oils and aromatherapy is very powerful.

I have been focusing on that but am continuing to post food, supplements, fitness and everything health on my IG page: @greenandfitmama and will still continue to write blog posts here. If you aren’t following me on IG, please do so, I am very consistent with that page.

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Ok guys/girls are you ready to kick sugar to the curb? Just because this is a 7 day detox, it doesn’t mean to go back to your bad sweets habit on day 8! So here I want to share with you the overall PURPOSE of this detox which is more important than the actual detox itself.

WHY are you doing this? For those of you who messaged and commented on my IG account: @greenandfitmama you have taken that first step to saying “I care about my health and I am willing to do what it takes” So, congrats to you! I’m so stoked to join you in this journey that will last for life. I want to teach you this:

  1. read labels/ingredients and know what sneaky names are also sugars. there are many names for sugar so knowing what to look for will help you when choosing foods.
  2. look at the sugar content of foods. it can be healthy and organic but many products still contain way to much even “natural” sugars in them that can still lead to obesity and diabetes, even autoimmunity and candida.
  3. encourage you to understand what sugars are good (natural state) and bad (processed or totally fake)
  4. reset your body to not want or crave so much sugar. sugar is like a drug, it is 8 times more addictive than cocaine, that’s no joke.
  5. most importantly understand that sugar is really the culprit in many diseases. when you starve your body of sugar, your starve your body of disease (great thing). Yeast/candida/fungus/cancer all FEED off of sugar. They need sugar to survive. Don’t let these health stealers survive in your body, ever again.
  6. These are sugars that are absolutely a NO on this detox:corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, carob syrup, barley malt, dehydrated cane juice, caramel, mannitol, granulated sugar, agave, erythritol, equal, sorbitol, aspartame. So here’s how you do this, anything you buy or have at home look at the sugar content, if there is any then its out, simple as that. There are many food items especially protein bars that have zero sugar but substitute that with FAKE sugars like sorbitol, aspartame, splenda, erythritol and the like. Those are TOTALLY no because although you don’t actually see an amount of sugar, those processed and artificial sugars are even worse to consume.

    Personally, I never consume those and my natural sugar (honey, maple, coconut sugar) intake is pretty low normally. I am staying away from ALL added sugars and fake ones. So no maple, honey, coconut sugar or agave etc.  Your main goal is to stay away from fake sugars as I listed above, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, barley malt, cane sugar etc.

    The only sugars consumed will be from some fruit and starchy vegetables if any.

    What do I eat?

    grass fed meats, wild fish, lots of veggies, nuts, seeds, coconut oil, olive oil, gluten free oats, quinoa, sprouted or brown rice, eggs, chicken, other grass fed meats.

    See below for a list of other names of sugars along with some sample menus I found online. Make this a goal and learning process for you and your family. It will force you to look for snacks that are healthy (fruit, veggies, nuts, seeds) and make it a lifestyle.

    The only added sweetener I use is a vanilla stevia. You can try different flavors and a few drops really packs a punch!

    I’m glad we can do this together! Please message me on IG if you have any questions.

    Kick sugar to the curb!




  7. Downloadable-List-of-All-the-Names-for-Sugar-Coconuts-Kettlebells

Green & Fit Mama Raw Bar Kit

RAW BAR orders can now be placed online. I’m offering them at a HUGE discount this weekend only as a pre launch sale. Many of you have been asking me about them, so here’s your chance to get them at a great price! I try to choose the best ingredients possible. You can choose from Matcha or Coffee flavor but note that if you don’t care for either flavor, you can always leave the Matcha or coffee OUT and still have an awesome tasting raw bar.
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Matcha green tea
Coffee lovers

My Favorite Supplements

My personal fave stack combo of sups to support the thyroid, adrenals and hormones and help the body adapt to stress. Gaia brand can be purchased on Amazon. Selenium can be purchased from the link in my bio✅💚 The adrenals and thyroid work together you need to support both for optimal fxn of your hormones, digestion, metabolism, managing weight, sleep, mood, heart health, bones and joints. Good stuff right here! @greenandfitmama recommended16507967_1819256288361719_8189489424857247989_n

Healthy Eats!

Omega Fatty Acids

For the L💚VE of salmon! My mouth is watering as I type😋💕 This is soo good (stuffing my face now) salmon is a fatty fish high omega 3 fats. Fatty acids are necessary for all functions in your body. Two are essential (omega 3,6) meaning you need to consume them and one (omega 9) is non essential The typical processed American diet has too many processed foods and oils that people are getting 15x the amount of omega6 fats compared to omega 3 fats. I don’t eat fish often,it’s hard to get fish free of pollutants especially mercury but there are many plant based sources of omega fats also. Here are some-
Omega 3- spirulina, Brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds, raw walnuts, green leafy veggies and flax seeds. Omega 6- olive oil, grape seeds, pistachios, sesame oil, raw nuts n seeds. Omega 9- avocados, pecans, cashews, mac nuts, almonds, almonds and hazelnuts. The tricky part is finding balance of 3&6 because when there is a balance the body can significantly produce omega 9. Check out my IG page for more great health and fitness info: @greenandfitmama

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